Category: SAP Web 2.0

  • SAPPHIRE 09 Virtual Event

    This is the part of a series of posts looking at Web 2.0 technology in conjunction with last week’s SAPPHIRE ‘09 event in Orlando, Florida. This post looks at using the latest technologies to expand the reach of SAPPHIRE far beyond just the people physically attending. In the last six months, SAP has extensively tested […]

  • Jonathan Becher’s SAPPHIRE 09 Blog

    Jonathan Becher, SVP Marketing for SAP (and my boss), wrote a series of blog postings about the recent SAPPHIRE event. Since these were part of the “Insights at SAPPHIRE” event on the inXpo platform, and the event is now closed, they are no longer accessible. This didn’t strike me a very Web 2.0 result (indeed, […]

  • SAP Social Network Analyzer Prototype

    SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center has just unveiled an Social Network Analyzer prototype. It aggregates existing enterprise data to display and discover organizational relationships and provides the missing link between social networking platforms and enterprise information systems. It provides social networking collaboration that will be a key feature of the future generation of “business user” applications.

  • Collaborative Web 2.0 Innovation With SAP

    SAP has a network of communities to help collaboratively develop future solutions. In particular, there are two technology Labs that are working on Web 2.0 technology by leveraging Web 2.0 collaborative techniques.

  • SAP’s Collborative Sustainability Strategy

    SAP recently announced its intention to collaborate closely with its customers and partners as part of a sustainability strategy that includes aggressive carbon reduction targets, a new cross-functional sustainability organization, and sustainability solutions for customers.

  • SAP CTO Shares Web 2.0 Vision

    In a recent interview and his blog, Vishal Sikka shared his vision for the SAP product roadmap, including Web 2.0 technologies such as mobile and cloud applications

  • SAP’s New Cloud Platform

    SAP has purchased cloud computing vendor Coghead. What will SAP do with Coghead’s widely praised Platform-as-a-service software, based on Adobe Flex and Amazon’s EC2 Web Service?

  • Social Networking @ SAP

    At Sapphire two years ago, SAP talked a lot about Web 2.0 and the new “Harmony” internal social networking tool. Where is SAP today?

  • The Future of SAP Events?

    SAP recently launched Business Suite 7 in SAP’s New York offices in New York City, to a room was packed to capacity with journalists, analysts, and customers. They were shown a presentation, demonstration, and customer panel, followed by a live Q&A session. There was also support for internet viewers, with a video feed and conference […]

  • Coghead Overview Video

    A quick video overview of the Coghead Platform-as-a-Service, recently acquired by SAP