Did AT&T Call The Recession First, Using BI?

There’s increasing agreement that the US economy is already in recession. Interestingly, we can’t know for sure because the statistics used for the formal definition (a decline in a country’s gross domestic product, or negative real economic growth, for two or more successive quarters of a year) take around six months to compile. What’s different …

Will Computers Ever Make Decisions?

Executive dissatisfaction with the information available to them to make decisions is just as bad as when I started working in BI 20 years ago. Will computers ever be able to help with decisions? (see full post…)

The Real Pioneer of Business Intelligence (and BI 2.0)?

It is often reported that Howard Dresner coined the term “business intelligence” in 1989, in the sense it is typically used in the industry today (“end user access to and analysis of structured content, i.e., data”). But especially now that text analysis is becoming part of mainstream BI, the real credit for the term should probably go to an earlier pioneer: Hans-Peter Luhn (more…)

Thanksgiving Predictive Analytics

One of the difficulties of predictive analytics is that it relies on the past being a reliable predictor of the future — which is rarely the case in today’s fast-moving economies…(cartoon)

2008: From Business Automation to Business Optimization?

However you define the goals of your organization—whether it’s about profit, or saving lives—it’s all about the quest for performance. Today, 9 out of 10 companies fail to execute their strategies. That’s a sobering statistic—and an opportunity for IT organizations everywhere.