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Ajay Ohri of has a selection of great interviews with people in the BI/analytics space. Here’s an interview he did with me last week covering trends in predictive analytics, cloud computing, social network analysis, etc.

Antivia: The First Real BI 2.0 Solution?

If BI 2.0 is to mean anything, it should be about “collective intelligence”: letting people add value to the BI solution through their actions. What I’ve seen so far from Antivia takes it to a whole new level, and I’m convinced that the type of functionality that it provides is an essential part of effective BI deployments in the future

Graphwise: Great Idea, But Needs Work?

Graphwise is BI 2.0 entrant similar to Swivel and ManyEyes, but with a twist. You enter a search term, and the site scours the web for content that contains tables linked to those terms, then proposes charts based on the data in those tables.

BI 2.0?

First, I agree with most of the coverage of business intelligence 2.0 so far: yes, the term is a little tacky — but it’s irresistible (and a great way of finding people blogging about Business Intelligence) An irresistible term A great example is the experience of Gartner’s Andy Bitterer. Despite his criticism of the term, …