Enterprise 2.0 Internal Evangelist of the Year: Claire Flanagan of CSC

At the Enterprise 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Andrew McAfee just opened the magic envelope and revealed that the winner of the first Enterprise 2.0 “Internal Evangelist of the Year” award is Claire Flanagan for her work on CSC’s “C3: Connect | Communicate | Collaborate” environment. For more information about the project, see Claire’s Blog. …

Social Networking @ SAP: CubeTree

SAP has been testing a new on-demand social collaboration platform from CubeTree to facilitate internal networking, alongside other internal platforms such as Jive, CubeTree, and Atlassian.

SAP @ Enterprise 2.0 2009


SAP is a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Enterprise 2.0 event in Boston. Many Enterprise 2.0 experts from SAP will be attending, including Beth Beld and Mani Gill.