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  • Business Analytics in Poland

    Business Analytics in Poland

    It was the SAP World Tour in Sopot, Poland last week, and I had the honor of presenting a keynote session on business analytics.

  • Who Cares About BI and Performance Management Market Share?

    IDC recently released several reports on business analytics market shares, including business intelligence and performance management. Should anybody other than the vendors care? Why?

  • The Other EPM?

    It turns out that EPM also stands for “experience and performance management”, and: A comprehensive EPM system captures and reports real metrics about application usage. Who is using which transactions? How long are they active? How long are they idle? EPM gives you the ability to pinpoint and analyze user adoption issues that are hindering…

  • What’s in a Name? PM / BI / IM

    To successfully provide information in a form that business people can use, you need three types of technology, to: Tame information chaos: Collect, manage, and integrate information, and fix any data quality problems (data quality, data integration, metadata management, etc) Turn information into insight: Analyze the information, gain understanding of what is happening, and communicate it…