What’s Missing? Game-Changing! Visualize That! You Get What You Pay For

What’s Missing From Your BI? This week? Two things: First, a real understanding of how people create and use information, according to a Harvard Business Review article entitled Why IT fumbles Analytics Second, Forrester analyst Boris Evelson says you should have BI on BI (SAP BusinessObjects supports the types of analysis cited, and Information Steward …

BI Is Indeed Counter-Cyclical: Market Shares

It’s official: according to Gartner, as reported by Mary Hayes Weier in Information Week, business intelligence is indeed counter-cyclical. Despite the tough economic climate, BI is growing at a healthy 22%, with SAP/Business Objects leading the pack.

Gartner BI Europe 2009: The BIg Discrepancy?

Selected topics I found interesting from the Gartner Europe BI Summit 2009: Star Schema 2.0 rock!; Successful BI requires a BI strategy; BI governance is evolving; Megavendors dominate; SAP standardization and innovation; The future of decisions; Performance management showdown: the CEO vs. the CIO; Other coverage

Putting the ‘Business’ back into Business Intelligence

In the What’s in a Name post, I wrote about an opportunity to update the “business intelligence” term. Gartner has been thinking about the same thing. It’s the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit this week, and in an Intelligent Enterprise article, Bill Hostman talks about the key trends and themes from the event: Bill Hostmann “We’ve …