Data is Now IN Your Products — Culture Change Ahead

Data is at the very core of the business models of the future – and this means wrenching change for some organizations. We tend to think of our information systems as a foundation layer that support the “real” business of the organization – for example, by providing the information executives need to steer the business …

Innovative Analytics in Asia and ANZ

Interested in Business Intelligence Analytics? Are you in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, or Auckland? Come and hear about the latest developments in new technology, and the differences it can make to your business!

SAP and the ‘Nexus of Forces’

Gartner says four hugely disruptive technology trends are converging — the “Nexus of Forces” — bringing change and opportunity to the way businesses operate, and restructuring the IT industry as a whole.

Relying on Data Can Lead to the Wrong Decisions Says

I just read a new CFO Magazine article called “That New Big Data Magic”, which contains the following opening paragraphs: Back in the 1980s, American Airlines (AA) was partnered with British Airways (BA), and AA’s marketing head wanted to know how many of the airline’s gold card members, its most profitable customers, were flying BA …

SAP HANA: Why Wait?

An updated “real real-time” computing video about SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance). What are you waiting for? (Oh — maybe more details about what it actually is?! Coming soon…)