The Big Trends in Business Intelligence Competency Centers

Interested in the latest trends in BI Competency Centers (BICCs)

  • The big changes in BI
  • The struggles of today’s BICCs
  • Supporting “Modern BI”
  • BICCs are dead?! Long live ACEs: “Analytic Centers of Excellence”
    • From Power to Empower
    • From Collection to Connection
    • From Control to Trust

And the “Seven Key Points To Take Home”:

  1. Old approaches are no longer enough
  2. Self-service BI is a wonderful business opportunity. If done right, can dramatically improve business agility and IT/Business alignment
  3. But it requires new cultures and ways of working. You’re no longer in charge — and everybody has to compromise
  4. Pragmatism is the name of the game. It’s not about doing the least-worst, most-right job, focusing on building usage.
  5. Community is the essential pillar. No one person or team can do this alone — build momentum and listen to feedback
  6. Look for opportunities to simplify. It’s not about technology, but the right technology can help agility.
  7. Keep up momentum and success. Look out for teaching opportunities, and market success widely and often



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  1. Brooke Harper Avatar
    Brooke Harper

    Thanks Timo for sharing! This is a wonderful article to keep us updated about Business Intelligence and it will help a lot of companies grow bigger and better.

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