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  • Predictive Machine Learning: ROI Beyond Cool

    Predictive Machine Learning: ROI Beyond Cool

    Opportunities, predictions and concerns about Predictive Machine Learning from a recent “ROI Beyond Cool” radio show.

  • Explaining McLaren Technology Group’s 5-Step IT Strategy

    McLaren has been pioneering and innovating in the competitive world of Formula 1 since 1963. In a recent web seminar sponsored by SAP, Eric Kavanagh, CEO of The Bloor Group, interviewed McLaren CIO Craig Charlton to understand the critical role of technology in supporting the Group’s different business units. The McLaren-Honda racing team remains dedicated to winning […]

  • Are You in Denial About Governance, Risk, and Compliance?

    Less than 13% of companies surveyed believe that their GRC practices are worse than that of their competitors… Are you in denial, too?

  • BI Implementations Must be Risk-Adjusted

    BI Implementations Must be Risk-Adjusted

    It makes absolutely no sense to try to optimize performance without taking into account risk. Technology vendors are helping by tightly integrating business intelligence and performance management with governance, risk and compliance.

  • Risky Performance?

    Time and time again, organizations merrily optimizing their business bite the dust because of “unforeseen circumstances” — i.e. badly-managed risk and compliance. Today’s example is San Francisco’s FiberWan network…

  • BI and Societe Generale?

    Much has been written about the approximately 5 billion Euros that Société Générale lost because of Jerome Kerviel, a junior arbitrage trader. What’s interesting about it from a BI point of view? Can BI help? First, it’s worth noting that Société Générale is a big Business Objects customer, so their problems came despite having having […]