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  • SAP Business Objects Press Conference

    Slides and Q&A from the SAP/Business Objects web cast

  • SAP and Business Objects

    SAP and Business Objects

    It hasn’t always been easy to access data from SAP systems: the Business Objects acquisition will help… (cartoon)

  • So: it’s SAP, for $6.8bn!

    After years of rumors, the news is finally here: it’s SAP for 4.8 billion euros. This will be the biggest acquisition SAP has ever done, and the biggest in the BI industry — but in a twist, it’s almost as if Business Objects is acquiring OutlookSoft and Pilot… (more…)

  • The Case for Independent Business Intelligence

    The Case for Independent Business Intelligence

    The time is ripe to discuss the future of independent BI, after the purchase of Hyperion by Oracle and continued speculation on the future of the remaining vendors. Will there be a “domino effect”? A commentary in Business Week sums up the “domino effect” opinion (more prevalent among financial analysts than industry analysts) that the deal […]

  • SAP Buys an EIS Pioneer

    SAP just purchased Pilot Software, which first came out with an executive information system (EIS) in 1986. I remember evaluating Pilot Lightship, a windows-based EIS solution, in 1992 or so. Then they had almost no discernable impact on mainstream BI for fifteen years, only to pop up recently as a “company to watch” according to […]