Explaining McLaren Technology Group’s 5-Step IT Strategy


McLaren has been pioneering and innovating in the competitive world of Formula 1 since 1963. In a recent web seminar sponsored by SAP, Eric Kavanagh, CEO of The Bloor Group, interviewed McLaren CIO Craig Charlton to understand the critical role of technology in supporting the Group’s different business units. The McLaren-Honda racing team remains dedicated to winning …

SAP’s Collborative Sustainability Strategy

SAP recently announced its intention to collaborate closely with its customers and partners as part of a sustainability strategy that includes aggressive carbon reduction targets, a new cross-functional sustainability organization, and sustainability solutions for customers.

The Central Importance of Strategy?

Why do we tolerate strategy, initiatives, and goals to be scattered around the organization, in dozens of incompatible formats? If organizations are struggling to execute corporate strategy, wouldn’t it help to have all the company initiatives, at every level, for every team, stored in one place, so that you could actually see what was happening?

2008: From Business Automation to Business Optimization?

However you define the goals of your organization—whether it’s about profit, or saving lives—it’s all about the quest for performance. Today, 9 out of 10 companies fail to execute their strategies. That’s a sobering statistic—and an opportunity for IT organizations everywhere.