SAP Big Data Chat: HANA & HADOOP

sap bigdata chat hana and hadoop 690

Today’s analytics best practices architectures are quickly becoming obsolete – but the new best-practices have yet to be defined.

There are many questions to be answered:

  • Should business people care? Or is this just a plumbing issue for IT?
  • What will your data warehouse be replaced with in the future? Will it be open-source NoSQL technology like Hadoop? Or in-memory technologies like SAP HANA? Or some combination of the two?
  • But do we still want or need data warehouses? What could replace them?
  • Which technologies are the cheapest to use? What happens to our existing data warehousing infrastructures?
  • Who are the pioneers of these new architectures? What issues have they run into?

The first SAP Big Data Chat was on Wednesday 21st of August, 8am PT / 11 am ET / 5pm CET — we will have others in the future

Steve Lucas and I were on camera via Google Hangout discussing SAP and Big Data, and used twitter (#SAPChat) to gather questions – you can get more details on the official blog post.

Here’s the recording:

Keep a look out for future sessions, with more technical talks with Irfan Khan, Sybase CTO, and others.

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