Month: May 2007

  • Performance Excellence vs. BI + PM

    Yet more on the use and abuses of the terms BI and PM. Mark Smith of Ventana recently published a note called “BI is Not Performance Management“, and his sentiments were echoed by Jonathan Becher in a note called “BI vs. PM“. I believe much of the confusion comes from using the same terms to […]

  • The Latest on BI+PM = ?

    In two earlier posts, “What’s in a Name?” and “Putting the Business Back into Business Intelligence“, I talked about the ongoing debate about what we should all call the combination of business intelligence and performance management. With the recent wave of PM acquisitions by Oracle (Hyperion), SAP (Pilot and OutlookSoft), and BusinessObjects (Cartesis), the two […]

  • Business Objects Gets Greater Inxight

    Business Objects Gets Greater Inxight

    At the European Insight User Conference, Business Objects just announced the purchase of Inxight, a text analytics company. (Welcome!) Inxight Founder Ian Hersey and Marge Breya, CMO of Business Objects, announcing the intention to purchase, on stage at the European Insight User Conference in Berlin. The worlds of structured and unstructured analysis are (finally) coming […]

  • Making the World a Better Place?

    A new site launches today, sponsored by Business Objects. Insight is designed as a community site for anybody who cares about using information to make the world a better place. Initial content includes an “information challenge” around reducing carbon footprints, a space for sharing interesting visualizations, and a blog, hosted by me, which will deal with […]