Month: September 2007

  • The 5 Ingredients of Good Decision-Making

    The 5 Ingredients of Good Decision-Making

    The results of a survey called “In search of clarity: unraveling the complexities of executive decision-making”, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, were announced today. The report concludes that it is “cause for alarm…that executives themselves perceive the quality of decision-making at their company as mixed at best”, and identifies five ingredients of good decision-making. Obviously, supporting good decisions requires a lot more than technology, but I believe BI can help. (more…)

  • Adding Text and Search to BI — Are Customers Ready?

    Adding Text and Search to BI — Are Customers Ready?

    Business Objects is trying to turn Inxight into insight. It’s trying to make it as easy as possible for existing customers to implement and use the cool new technology options — are they ready?

  • How’s Your BI Maturity?

    How’s Your BI Maturity?

    Wayne Eckerson and I will be presenting two web seminars this week on the subject of putting TDWI’s BI Maturity Model to Practice. We’re going to try to make it as interactive as possible. Please join us, and ask difficult questions!

  • Is BI Standardization a Myth?

    Despite some people dismissing it as a myth, BI standardization is alive and well in organizations around the world. Here’s a quick primer on what, why, and how. (more…)

  • Microsoft Launches Impressive New Suite… of BI Cliches?

    Yesterday, Microsoft launched PerformancePoint Server 2007 using an impressively dense array of well-worn BI clichés, presumably confident that many of their potential purchasers had never heard any of them before. (more…)

  • BI is Deploying Information as a Factor of Production

    BI is Deploying Information as a Factor of Production

    Defining business intelligence as “deploying information as a factor of production”. (more…)

  • Fixing the BI Tragedy of the Commons

    The “BI tragedy of the commons” explains why organizations end up with too many disconnected information silos. Luckily, the solutions are well-known, if not easy to implement. (more…)

  • eBay Information on Demand

    eBay Information on Demand

    External data and benchmarketing is an essential part of BI 2.0. Business Objects today announced the launch of their new information on demand store, where customers can purchase information from organizations as diverse as the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the eBay marketplace. Will Business Objects be able to transform the information market the same way Apple transformed the mp3 market: through revolutionary ease of use and a centralized platform? (more…)

  • Oracle Buys Cartesis!

    Oracle Buys Cartesis!

    Market consolidation reaches absurd new heights! According to this DM Review article by David O’Connell of Nucleus Research, Oracle recently purchased Cartesis?! Despite the obvious data quality issue, the article does talk about some key BI truths (more… )

  • Who Really Wants Predictive Analytics?

    The value of predictive analytics is obvious: who wants to “drive looking out of the rear view mirror”? But in practice, predictive analytics hasn’t been widely implemented. What might change in the future? (more…)