Month: July 2008

  • Bad Incentives

    An example of the problem of aligning incentives and objectives — paying doctors to ignore patients

  • Risky Performance?

    Time and time again, organizations merrily optimizing their business bite the dust because of “unforeseen circumstances” — i.e. badly-managed risk and compliance. Today’s example is San Francisco’s FiberWan network…

  • Public Sector BI Incompatible with “Leaps of Faith”?

    A couple of recent Boston globe articles talk about IBM/Cognos returning $13m because of bidding irregularities and questions over conflict of interest. The biggest net result is that some 20,000 people have been prevented from accessing information that could help improve the state’s education systems.

  • Time for Voice of the Customer?

    Time for Voice of the Customer?

    Hurwitz provides the results to a new BI survey: Voice of the Customer is #1 use of text analytics, still big gap in perceived importance between query and reporting and OLAP data cubes.