Month: March 2009

  • BI in Brussels (Against Economic Turmoil)

    Presentation on “How to use Business Intelligence to Counter Economic Turmoil” delivered as part of a Reporting and Business Intelligence session at the SAP Lounge in Brussels, Belgium.

  • Social Networking Analytics

    Social Networking Analytics

    SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center has just unveiled a great new prototype called Social Network Analyzer (SNA). It aggregates existing enterprise data to display and discover organizational relationships, bringing together enterprise business intelligence, social networking, and business applications for the first time.

  • SAP Social Network Analyzer Prototype

    SAP Social Network Analyzer Prototype

    SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center has just unveiled an Social Network Analyzer prototype. It aggregates existing enterprise data to display and discover organizational relationships and provides the missing link between social networking platforms and enterprise information systems. It provides social networking collaboration that will be a key feature of the future generation of “business user” applications.

  • New SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center

    SAP BusinessObjects has just launched a new Innovation Center, taking over from the the existing BusinessObjects Labs at The Innovation Center is modeled after Google Labs. It showcases new software prototypes based on concepts and ideas from customers, partners, and internal teams. Anybody is free to download and try them, but they are not…

  • Modern Performance Appraisals (Cartoon)

    Modern Performance Appraisals (Cartoon)

    What do you mean you don’t know what I’ve been up to recently?! Just Google me!

  • BI on the Bosphorus

    Presentation and dashboard from an SAP BusinessObjects day in Istanbul, Turkey

  • Breaking Up (Cartoon)

    Breaking Up (Cartoon)

    A business intelligence cartoon: It’s not you. It’s your data.

  • Collaborative Web 2.0 Innovation With SAP

    SAP has a network of communities to help collaboratively develop future solutions. In particular, there are two technology Labs that are working on Web 2.0 technology by leveraging Web 2.0 collaborative techniques.

  • Scandalous Financial Benchmarking?

    Scandalous Financial Benchmarking?

    I just stumbled across an old post of mine, and couldn’t help reposting some of it in the light of recent events. All those financial wizards were making a fortune based on the money they were “creating” — money that has since turned out to be largely fictitious. Top hedge fund managers were earning more…

  • BI Incompetency Center (Cartoon)

    BI Incompetency Center (Cartoon)

    Cartoon: a BI incompetency center in action