Internal BI Promotion Video from the SAP BI Competency Center

SAP drinks its own champagne! One often-underestimated element required for successful business intelligence projects is strong communication skills.

Here’s a great example of a BI competency center (BICC) explaining and promoting BI to the rest of the organization. In this case, it’s SAP’s own BICC that created the video, destined for SAP’s 5,000+ employees worldwide. It was uploaded by Matthias Wild of SAP’s Global IT group (NOT marketing): BI4ALL in Plain English (but with a slight German accent 🙂 ).

I love the use of low-tech graphics and great editing — and I’m sure this will increase interest in using BI internally within SAP…

You can hear more from Matthias and the goals of his team in this post on the SAP community network: The Concept of Business Intelligence for ALL (part 1 of 3)


2 responses to “Internal BI Promotion Video from the SAP BI Competency Center”

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  2. Kalyan Verma Avatar

    Looks like a commoncraft production…nicely done.