Strategic Workforce Planning Demo


Launched late last year, SAP BusinessObjects Strategic Workforce Planning was the first HANA-enabled application – one of a new generation of analytic apps that use in-memory processing for fast processing and interactive simulation. A demonstration is now available showing some of the key features:


For more information, see the product page, the brochure, or  read more about the need for workforce planning in this post by Henner Schliebs, Director Solutions Marketing, SAP Business Analytics for LoB: Strategic Workforce Planning – Simulate to Survive.





2 responses to “Strategic Workforce Planning Demo”

  1. dtaylor92 Avatar


    I noticed that this product has completely disappeared from the SAP Corporate Website and has been replaced with Successfactors.

    Therefore I believe this solution is no longer available.


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Sorry — don’t know why that happened… certainly, SAP is in the process of integrating the SAP and Success Factors products in the space, but it’s still relatively early days…