Just Add Analytics – Even to Toothbrushes

Toothbrush Analytics

I recently saw a presentation mentioning that there “are more mobile phones than toothbrushes in the world”, and according to some research by the 60 second marketer, it seems that in all likelihood, this is absolutely true:

Mobile phone users vs. toothbrush users

My next thought was “why not combine the two?!”. Here’s my quick mockup of an iPhone case of the future:

iPhone case with toothbrush

But as usual, truth is stranger than fiction. Just when you think you’ve seen every use of analytics possible, along comes a real “iPhone toothbrush”. The Beam Toothbrush is a bluetooth-enabled toothbrush and associated iphone application:


beam toothbrush


Image 2

It provides detailed analytics, recording how long each person brushes their teeth:

tooth brushing history

And like any good performance management tool, it uses gamification techniques to encourage the right behavior…

tooth brushing timer tooth brushing goals

It seems as if analytics is being embedded in every device possible, such as the new Nike Hyperdunk+ basketball shoes and associated application:

nike hyperdunk plus

Anybody else have any favorite examples of how analytics are taking over the world of consumer products?







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