What Does AI Bring to Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is poised to revolutionize most aspects of operational marketing. It can help automate many of the choices and tradeoffs that currently have to be made by overworked marketing employees, and enable things that were previously impossible.

AI and predictive analytics can be used to optimize the end-to-end customer journey and determine what causes customer churn (including unwanted marketing!).

The result is higher customer satisfaction with lower costs—and above all, more time and resources for more human aspects of marketing, such as brand strategy, storytelling and community building.

Here are just some of the opportunities:

  • AI-enabled recommendation engines: Increase cross-selling and upselling potential with recommendations to optimize shopping cart, conversion rates, and average sales order size
  • Audience segmentation: Discover audience segments through behavioral analysis and relationship analysis leveraging consumer and customer profiles
  • Best channel and contact time prediction: Optimize interactions and response behaviors by using the most appropriate contact time by contact by channel
  • Brand perception: Automatically analyze brand exposure in videos and images by leveraging advanced computer vision techniques to provide insights advertising ROI
  • Buying propensity: Score a contact based on their purchase history and others like them
  • Channel affinity: Provide an overview on response behavior per channel for a given target group
  • Content marketing/dynamic content: Automatically determine best content for customers by channel, time, and location based on their behavior, preferences, interests, and needs
  • Image recognition. Intelligently track customer interactions in a store, track attention for windows displays or outdoor ads, gauge sentiment and demographics, etc.
  • Interest affinity: Optimize customer engagements based on a deeper understanding of a customer’s context and intent
  • Lead scoring: Predictive lead scores for engagement, conversion, and qualification
  • Opportunity scoring: Predictive opportunity scores for engagement, conversion, and qualification

To find out more, read the “Worldwide AI in Enterprise Marketing Clouds 2017 Vendor Assessment” by IDC, see this page on innovation and machine learning, or watch the video below:





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