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  • Is BI Standardization a Myth?

    Despite some people dismissing it as a myth, BI standardization is alive and well in organizations around the world. Here’s a quick primer on what, why, and how. (more…)

  • BI is Deploying Information as a Factor of Production

    Defining business intelligence as “deploying information as a factor of production”. (more…)

  • Fixing the BI Tragedy of the Commons

    The “BI tragedy of the commons” explains why organizations end up with too many disconnected information silos. Luckily, the solutions are well-known, if not easy to implement. (more…)

  • Who’s in Charge of Information?

    According to a recent InformationWeek article, CIOs aren’t very visible in today’s Fortune 100 companies, at least measured by their tendency to appear on the company’s management team web page. Even at companies like Google and eBay, where information is the lifeblood of the organization, the CIOs don’t appear among the other  top execs (at Business […]

  • Two Key Steps From Project to Enterprise BI

    A lot has been written about what typically goes wrong in individual BI projects, but even when individual BI projects are successful, many organizations stumble on the journey to true enterprise BI deployments. What goes wrong?

  • Insight User Conference in Berlin Photos And “Five Fatal Flaws” Presentation File

    I’m finally getting around to posting materials from the Business Objects Insight User Conference in Berlin, 21-23 May 2007. You can find my photos from the event here — mainly from the main stage, including the inxight purchase announcement and keynotes by John Schwarz, Bernard Liautaud, and the climber Reinhold Messner. I did a presentation on […]

  • The Five Fatal Flaws of BI

    Over the last eighteen years, I’ve been associated with a large number of BI projects and have been able to see first-hand what behaviors correlate most closely with success and failure. In particular, there are five main erroneous assumptions about implementing BI that can lead to failure. This list is condensed and a little simplistic: every […]

  • Why Data Quality is Important!

    Data quality — for the sake of the children!

  • Better Security Through BI?

    Computerworld has an interesting article about the difference between trust and security. A county coroner gave out his logon information to a confidential police 911 system so that newspaper reporters wouldn’t bother him each time they needed information. This resulted in, for example, a drug informant being badly beaten up when his name was revealed. […]

  • BI Instead of Expense Controls?

    Your organization has a travel and expense policy. It’s probably long and complicated, with lots of rules that your employees roll their eyes at, and your financial controllers probably struggle to implement it. Why? Because the role of finance includes controls, and because “control” is too often translated into “rules.” A BI approach to expense […]