Exploring The New World

It’s a brave new big-data world out there – and tools like SAP BusinessObjects Explorer mobile let you explore it (no matter what era you grew up in).

Ignoring Facts and Hoping for a Miracle Cure

PowerBalance, provider of trendy bracelets that are “designed to work with your body’s natural energy field”, have admitted that there’s “no credible scientific evidence that supports [their] claims and therefore [they] engaged in misleading conduct.” Duh! Evolution has apparently hard-wired us to LIKE superstition. We don’t want to live in a world without magic cures …

New Augmented Corporate Reality BI Prototype

Augmented Reality Explorer is a prototype from the SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center. It displays corporate information overlaid on the real world, and you can access information about a physical thing simply by pointing at it with your iPhone or iPad.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPad Demo

Here’s a short demo that shows off the new free SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPad interface. Use it against our demo server, your own corporate Explorer server (VPN permitting, of course), or sign up for a free account at http://bi.ondemand.com and use Explorer online, or on your iPhone, or your iPad…