Explorer OnDemand for the iPhone (and soon the iPad)


I’ve already written extensively about the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer product, the Explorer in the cloud prototype (now a product, as part of BI OnDemand), and the Explorer for iPhone application.

Now all of these have come together to provide “instant value”. You simply sign up for a free account at the BI OnDemand website, upload any data set you want, and then consume easily and intuitively on the road using the free Explorer for iPhone application.

And, of course, the iPad version is on its way — the SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center just tweeted out a picture of an SAP employee taking a first look at the Explorer for iPad prototype. Follow them on Twitter to get the latest news!

ipad explorer 690

These products, and many more examples of SAP / BusinessObjects Innovation, will be shown at the SAPPHIRENOW innovation campuses in Orlando and Frankfurt.

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  1. Timo,
    A quick one: have you ever tried to load data in bo explorer for iPad using % values? Is there a way not get them added up but recalculated at different leves in a hierarchy? Ever heard of scrolling issues? Cheers

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  6. Hi, Timo, I’m trying to get someone to download the iPhone app here in the US, and I can’t seem to locate it in the iTunes app store. There was a link from an SAP page, but it changed my iTunes store location to Germany. That was fun. 🙂 It was a very unintuitive way to change my store back to the US. Anyway, can you please confirm if the Explorer app for iPhone is available for download from the US app store? Thanks.

    • You’re right — it seems to have disappeared. Maybe a mixup because we’re launching the iPad version soon… I’ve put the right people on it, thanks for the heads-up…

  7. Thanks Timo,

    I know Data Services, I’m works with it.

    Great video! I will play with BI On-Demand because my doubt is between the datamarts and Explorer. I think that must exist anything like universes to navigate and work with data. Or is automaticly? you define your datamart or datawarehouse and that’s all? connects and work.

    My last question is. Will be some changes for the ipad version?

    Thanks again Timo,

  8. Hello Timo,

    I used the examples of BO Explorer and I think that is a greatfully and friendly aplication. I have some dubts about this.
    In your examples are you using the blade for accelerated data extraction?
    Is this blade for showing data or for ETL?

    I think the difficulty of all this process is the BO Explorer Aplication installed in BusinessObjects server, because the iphone aplication is powerfull with a great friendly user interface for high corporative people in our company.

    Where can we find the proces of extraction data before shows that into iphone?

    Thanks for your twitts

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