SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone Now Available on Apple AppStore!


The iPhone version of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer from the SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center was (finally!) released today on the Apple iStore, available as a free download

Here’s the description of the application:

“Your business at your fingertips”

With Explorer for iPhone, insight into your business is never more than a few flicks away. Through simple keyword search, navigation and visualization, Explorer allows you to ask and answer business questions that pop into your head regardless of where you are. Whether you are visiting a customer and need to see what orders they’ve placed, at a café dreaming up a new marketing program, or in the board room discussing this quarter’s revenues, Explorer for iPhone puts all of your business information at your fingertips.

Key features:

  • Simple and fast access to your business information. Just type in a few keywords and let Explorer guide you to the answer.
  • Explorer automatically displays your data visually – so you can get insight in a glance – and stop scrolling through sheets and sheets of numbers.
  • Share your results instantly with others right from your iPhone
  • Access huge volumes of corporate data  by deploying SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated version in your organization.

Explore Your Business at the Speed of Thought

For effective decision making, business users require quick, easy answers to off-the-cuff questions and a better understanding of their business, without extensive training and dependence on IT. Even more important, everyone needs fast access to relevant, decision-quality information anywhere inside and outside the enterprise.

With immediate insights into vast amounts of data, you can explore business at the speed of thought – and improve your ability to make sound, timely decisions.

For questions and feedback about Explorer for iPhone, please email us at

And some of the screen shots available:

image image image

image image

Here’s a video demonstration of the application (there may be some small differences between this and the final version):

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14 Replies to “SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone Now Available on Apple AppStore!”

  1. Can we download the video demos? They are very useful.

    If there’ll be a Chinese version, it’ll be great.

    Our competitor BQ will promote their mobile solution to one of our OEM partner on Jan 2011, I wish to send our demo to our OEM partner on Dec, 2010.

    Julia LU
    China OEM sales

  2. Under the Account/System required prompt, what should I enter there? I have the corporate server info but not sure what to put in the System field.

    Any help will be appreciated.


  3. I installed Explorer on my iPhone against SAP BW that has the BW Accelerator implemened against it. One of the coolest apps SAP has delivered. Did this come out of Walldrof? Or Palo Alto? Reporting on > 6 million rows of sales data in sub second from the iPhone. WOW!!

    This is taking mobile Business Intelligence to a new level.

    1. Jeff,

      Thanks! (note to others: just in case you were wondering, I can see from Jeff’s email that he’s not an SAP employee! He works at a company that has been using BusinessObjects for a long, long time)

      It’s truly a transnational effort — the BW Accelerator came out of SAP in Germany, Explorer and the iPhone app out of BusinessObjects in Paris (, and the whole thing was coordinated out of Palo Alto.

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