SAP BusinessObjects Augmented Explorer Now Available (+Resources to Test It)


The SAP BusinessObjects Augmented Explorer prototype mentioned in previous posts, created by the SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center now available, as a standard part of the BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone / iPad download from the Apple App Store. You’ll find some pictures below taken from official blog post and you can download the official documentation and samples here.

Here’s a video demo I did of a slightly-older version of the prototype, showing you how it works (the icons aren’t as jumpy now!):

Here’s a diagram showing how it works:


This diagram and some other mockups of how the tool might be used are available as a PowerPoint presentation – and you can create your own mockups by ungrouping the elements, replacing the pictures, moving the points, etc.


I also put together another sample data set, that includes some links to extra graphics, and generates a random set of numbers and locations around a point that you choose: download the Excel spreadsheet (after you’ve uploaded it to BI OnDemand, don’t forget to set the first column to “MIN” in the Explorer view!)

Finally, here are some graphics that may be useful for the Points of Interest, showing both a trend (the arrow), and whether it’s on target or now (the background color. It’s available in two ways, to make it easier to use in Excel calculations, etc: first as a straight 1-9:

Then as two numbers – the first indicates the type of arrow, the second indicates the background color (see the spreadsheet above for an example of how to use this)

Then some miscellaneous icons

And finally, here’s a Photoshop file containing all the layers used in the icons above, that you can use to develop your own (you’ll need a public server to put them on)

Please provide the SAP Innovation Center feedback to make sure we know how you’re using this and things you would like to see it do in the future. Please remember, this is a prototype only and NOT for use in production environments.

Also stay connected with SAP BusinessObjects innovation center RSS feed or Twitter feed.


13 responses to “SAP BusinessObjects Augmented Explorer Now Available (+Resources to Test It)”

  1. Magesh Avatar

    Hi Timo,

    Augmented views on SAP BO Augmented Explorer is exciting. As excited as I was, I am equally concerned about publishing confidential data in an augmented view. ie associating any points of interest to the confidential data itself.

    When the points of interest are placed on the google maps, does Google record these points of interest? I doubt if sensitive data can be made visible on the augmented view in which case google gets it and if were to perform a search in google (outside of my enterprise) would these data points show up. Or how does it work? Your advice ,please.


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Magesh — yes, Google can theoretically get information via its servers. There are plugins from Partners such as Centigon that help avoid this problem…

  2. Florencia Avatar

    The article is really useful. I’d like to know where I can download the unverse Warehouse.unx to follow the document

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  4. Barnaby Avatar

    I uploaded the file here and set the 1st column to min. When I open on my ipad I just see a normal explorer screen…
    i also followed the instructions from SAP with the same result. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar


      The format changed — take a look at this post for more details:

  5. Silvana Avatar

    the application is very user friendly. It runs well with the first excel file. I tried to upload the second (Augmented Explorer Sample 2) but I got an error . I didn’t change the file, I use the original version.
    Thanks a lot,
    Best regards

  6. Jeff Duly Avatar
    Jeff Duly

    Tim, thanks I got this up and running quickly. Very cool.

  7. simon Avatar

    I don’t have iPhone or iPad, but I assume this thing works like Layar (which I have on my Android phone), correct?

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  9. Jeff Duly Avatar
    Jeff Duly

    I have downloaded the latest Explorer for iPad and iPhone. I would like to see a prototype of augmented reality. Where can I point to. I do not see any examples with the public infospaces.

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Jeff, we don’t yet have any public demos available, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, you have to upload one of the demonstration data sets to (it’s free to sign up), and then sign on to that account using your iPhone / iPad