Business Intelligence Iceland: Skyrr Fall Conference in Reykjavik


It was the Skyrr Fall Conference in Reykjavik a couple of weeks ago, and among the long list of sessions, I covered three topics:

  • An evening executive session on “Why BI Projects Fail and What To Do About It”
  • A vendor-neutral BI Trends keynote “Simple, Seamless, Social, and Strategic”
  • An SAP BusinessObjects breakout session “Information to Insight”

why projects fail iceland

clear intelligence future iceland

information to insight iceland

If you do ever visit Reykjavik, you MUST visit the blue lagoon. It’s possible to take a taxi from town to the pool, store your luggage, do a proper visit and swim, and take a taxi to the airport in just under two hours. It’s as amazing as it looks (although the pictures don’t convey the occasional whiff of sulphur/rotten eggs)


Finally, just to show that data quality problems are ubiquitous – in real life, data gets manually copied all the time, with the inevitable errors… Remember (for the sake of the children!) to include data quality in your BI project


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