SAP Social Intelligence Now Available in SAP StreamWork


SAP Social Intelligence, born as the social network analytics prototype from the SAP BusinessObjects innovation center (now SAP Research Prototypes), is now fully launched and available as an integral part of the SAP StreamWork collaborative decision solution.

With so much going on with various launches including BusinessObjects version 4.0 and HANA, you may have missed the launch of the Enterprise Edition of StreamWork, but it was a key step for integration with the rest of enterprise information infrastructure, and SAP has announced that StreamWork is a central part of the ongoing collaboration strategy — not just of business analytics, but also SAP’s core applications like CRM and PLM.


One response to “SAP Social Intelligence Now Available in SAP StreamWork”

  1. Natasha Lloyd Avatar
    Natasha Lloyd

    So were the carabiners a rapid prototype tool for this new service? 🙂