SAP Visual Intelligence

SAP Visual Intelligence Screen

SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0 (internal project name “Hilo”) will generally available tomorrow*. It is the latest innovation in the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer solution family.

It is a desktop-based visualization and data manipulation solution that is designed to complement (not replace) the existing Explorer products. After downloading and installing the application (approximately 150 MB), users can connect to SAP HANA sources and start data discovery, analysis, and sharing.

The new product will be formally launched at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando this week, and more information is available on the site You can also try the solution for 30 days with your own data, using a virtual machine environment: Try it Now (SAP Community Network login required).

Later versions of the product will connect to other data sources, a further step towards business intelligence “data discovery.”


* Originally said today. Date per FAQ here


13 responses to “SAP Visual Intelligence”

  1. Sunil Avatar

    I think SAP Visual Intelligence is lack in editing tools. Because SAP VI is for ad hoc reporting and if you wanna change any chart in between the analysis, you can do it. but you can not save the edited chart in the right positin between the charts.It will be saved as new chart. So is there any alternatives for this??

  2. Pieter Hendrikx Avatar

    SAP took a look at Tableau and that is a good thing to start with.
    That they haven’t been able to match functionality is clear but they just might be on the right track!

    I’m looking forward to the new Gartner magic quadrants for BI platforms since SAP is really investing in extending existing product functionality (Dashboards) and also invest in new big data analysis technology (explorer, visual intelligence).

  3. Andy Avatar

    Nice demo, but difficult to get a feel for performance, without an understanding of how many billion rows are being explored… Anyone know? Did I miss this information?

  4. Brad Avatar

    The sample graphs are pretty bad. It is hard to imagine a worse visual that varying size pie charts on a map of the US. I think you should focus on getting outstanding samples made so that people can see what your product can do. As it is it like Photoshop hiring some third graders to show off what thier product can do.

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      At least you didn’t call it an evil attempt to subvert good people into creating bad visualizations 🙂

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  6. Rickard Avatar

    Desktop based? 2012? Come on!! LMAO

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Yup, local app, just like iPads… 🙂

  7. Chris Avatar

    So, Tableau, but less user-friendly and restrictive on data sources?

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Yup, pretty much… I don’t have enough experience to compare user-friendliness, but designed from scratch with that in mind. The big difference with Tableau is (of course) that it’s a seamless part of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer family (including from a licensing point of view, I believe). On data sources, it’s starting with HANA, but in future should be everything else supported by BusinessObjects/Crystal products today = pretty much everything you could think of, including newer “Big Data” sources like Hadoop…