Analytics Like Never Before

I presented a session on “Analytics Like Never Before” last week at the Gurus of BI conference in Oslo, Norway.

The fast-paced, 40 minute presentation covers a wide range of analytics topics including:

  • Why new “signal” data means we no longer have to manage business by looking out of the rear-view mirror
  • Why big changes to analytics technology are ripping up existing best practices
  • Why you shouldn’t let anybody tell you that in-memory technology is too expensive
  • Why many of the traditional barriers to analytics success — such as the integration of unstructured data and predictive analytics — are rapidly falling
  • Why the forty-year-old separation between operational and analytic systems is rapidly disappearing, thanks to in-memory technology
  • How organizations can respond to higher user expectations with analytics new interfaces, including mobile and cloud
  • Why the “network of truth” is a better model than the “single version of truth” that has been the holy grail of analytics for many years
  • Real-life examples of organizations — including startups that have no other connection with SAP or BusinessObjects — that are changing the way they do business thanks to SAP Analytics technology

Please contact me if you would like any more information about the themes covered in the presentation, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a presenter for your next internal or external event.

The conference also featured keynotes from other key industry analysts including Cindi Howson of and analytics author Wayne Eckerson of BI Leader Consulting:

And a fun discussion panel between various analytics vendors including SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Tableau, and Qlikview



2 responses to “Analytics Like Never Before”

  1. Budi Setiawan Avatar
    Budi Setiawan

    I can’t access the 4th video even after I login to Vimeo. Is there any possibilities for sharing the 4th video?


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Budi — sadly, it seems to have been pulled by the organizers of the conference — I’ve sent an email asking why, but my guess is IBM didn’t want it up (there’s also no video of the IBM session, unlike all the other vendors)…