Analytics Like Never Before


I presented a session on “Analytics Like Never Before” last week at the Gurus of BI conference in Oslo, Norway.

The fast-paced, 40 minute presentation covers a wide range of analytics topics including:

  • Why new “signal” data means we no longer have to manage business by looking out of the rear-view mirror
  • Why big changes to analytics technology are ripping up existing best practices
  • Why you shouldn’t let anybody tell you that in-memory technology is too expensive
  • Why many of the traditional barriers to analytics success — such as the integration of unstructured data and predictive analytics — are rapidly falling
  • Why the forty-year-old separation between operational and analytic systems is rapidly disappearing, thanks to in-memory technology
  • How organizations can respond to higher user expectations with analytics new interfaces, including mobile and cloud
  • Why the “network of truth” is a better model than the “single version of truth” that has been the holy grail of analytics for many years
  • Real-life examples of organizations — including startups that have no other connection with SAP or BusinessObjects — that are changing the way they do business thanks to SAP Analytics technology

You can watch the presentation below, and download the presentation in slide format (pptx) or as a document (pdf)

Please contact me if you would like any more information about the themes covered in the presentation, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a presenter for your next internal or external event.

The conference also featured keynotes from other key industry analysts including Cindi Howson of (skip to 13″20 if you don’t speak Norwegian!):

And analytics author Wayne Eckerson of BI Leader Consulting:

And a fun discussion panel between various analytics vendors including SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Tableau, and Qlikview: [UPDATE: Sadly, IBM’s legal team decided that they didn’t want this shown]

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  1. I can’t access the 4th video even after I login to Vimeo. Is there any possibilities for sharing the 4th video?


    1. Budi — sadly, it seems to have been pulled by the organizers of the conference — I’ve sent an email asking why, but my guess is IBM didn’t want it up (there’s also no video of the IBM session, unlike all the other vendors)…

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