BI for Baby: Dashboards to Track Your Child’s KPIs (And The Rest of Us)


Prepare your child for the new world of business from its very earliest hours! Trixie Telemetry has released Trixie Tracker, which includes everything an analytic-obsessed parent needs to track baby’s key performance indicators, including:

Sleep Tracking


Bowel movements


Feeding schedule




And many, many more – including support for mobile:


How much longer before this application is available for grownups, too? Well, it’s probably already here, with tools like Nike and Apple’s fitness dashboards:


And sites like that extend this to any measurable activity, making the whole-life-dashboard more feasible than ever.

Want to track how many alcoholic drinks you’re consuming ? how polite you are to your mother-in-law? average delay between your spouse asking you to do something and actually doing it? – the list is potentially endless:

“Kibotzer tracks your progress toward your goals. Anything you can put a periodic number on works — weight, pushups, number of cigarettes, net worth, or how long it takes you to bike to work. Just answer with your number when kibotzer asks and it will show you your progress and a “yellow brick road” to follow to stay on track.”


Think there are any limits to this? Think again – here are some analytics from, a web application “that will give you some insight into sex life”:


These links all came from an excellent article in the New York Times this weekend by Anand Giridharadas, and I hope to take up some of the other points in a later post…





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  1. Leslie Horner Avatar

    I’ll be sharing your post with our team — we’ve been brainstorming personal uses of BI like this ourselves.

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