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I’ve had the huge pleasure of presenting at a series of Innovation by SAP events across the Nordic region. Please find below my two presentations from the sessions in Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Stockholm (note: only incremental changes from the presentations in the Baltic region in a previous post)

The keynote presentation: Business In The Moment: From Reactive to Proactive

2012 will be a year of business transformation. New technologies such as in-memory computing, mobility, and analytics have shaken up existing technology paradigms and opened up dramatic new business opportunities. Business expectations have risen, fuelled by the fast-paced innovation in the consumer world, raising the bar for Finance and IT organizations to provide better systems to support business activities. This session will examine the big trends facing the analytics industry, and how real-life organizations are “changing the game”, using new technologies to:

  • Remove information bottlenecks and dramatically speed up business operations.
  • Make better decisions in real-time and fix potential problems before they affect business activity.
  • Increase competitive advantage through new, analytics-based business models


My IT track session presentation: Turn “Big Data” into Business Value with Real-Time with BI

Best-practice data warehousing has been relatively stable for a decade, but is now being rapidly disrupted by a combination of new technologies, including in-memory, column data stores, predictive analytics, and new “NoSQL” technologies such as Hadoop. User interfaces and expectations have fundamentally changed, with new opportunities for mobile access, data discovery, social data, collaborative decision-making, and new visualization methods. This session looks in detail at how organizations can combine and harness the power of these new technologies, illustrated with real-life examples of how companies are implementing the new solutions.


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