SAP & Hortonworks Hangout: Big Data Meets Enterprise Systems

Last month, I hosted a “Big Data Hangout” featuring Hortonworks CTO Ari Zilka and SAP’s Irfan Khan talking about how the future of information architectures that combine the best of today’s Hadoop and Enterprise infrastructures. The recording of that session is now available:

Interested in hearing more? The voting on sessions for the 2014 Hadoop Summit in Europe is now open, and I submitted a session to talk about some of the great, real-life business cases that I’ve been seeing around the world – not just in web companies, but normal businesses of every size – please vote here!

Real-Life Examples of Using Hadoop to Drive Business Innovation

Hadoop creates fundamentally new, disruptive opportunities for business — but what is the best way to turn technology possibilities into business advantage? Drawing from a wide selection of use cases in different industries, this session looks at real-life examples of business innovation through the integration of Hadoop, enterprise information systems, and business creativity.







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