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I attended the inaugural European Hadoop Summit in The Netherlands last year, and it was a real eye-opener to see how differently some people see the world of information and analysis.

If you have an enterprise analytics background, but “haven’t gotten into Hadoop yet,” I think you should consider going to a Hadoop-focused summit near you next year.

Hadoop has already clearly earned its place in the enterprise toolkit, and Hadoop 2.0 promises even more disruption to traditional ways of doing things. If you were to rebuild your current information infrastructure from scratch, it’s clear that it would be built in a very different way from the past — with a single “Big Data” information platform used for both analytics and operations, leveraging both Hadoop and in-memory advances.

I believe that the future is about getting the best of both worlds, and that Hadoop can never reach its full potential until it has better links to existing business applications. The Hadoop community can only be improved if we can bring more “old-world expertise” to this great new technology opportunity.

It’s always a great idea to get an outsiders view of things you take for granted – so please consider signing up for the Hadoop Summit in the Netherlands (vote for my “enterprise meets Hadoop” presentation!) or in San Jose (call for presentations now open).

Still not convinced? Check out these two conversations with Hortonworks executives at last year’s Summit, discussing  how the old world and new world can work together (Hortonworks is the most “community-oriented” of the Hadoop distributions). First, a discussion with John Kreisa, VP of Strategic Marketing for Hortonworks (and ex-BusinessObjects):

And then a discussion with Hortonworks Marketing VP David McJannet:

With a bit of luck, I’ll see you at one of the conferences!

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