Analytics Cartoons

A gallery of some of my more popular Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Performance Management cartoons — feel free to use these in your presentations, university courses, books etc, for free, as long as you drop me at line to let me know what you have planned (telliott at timoelliott dot com),

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Opinions Are Good. Data is Better.

 Cartoon: Why you two have finished arguing your opinions, I actually have data!



The Bad Data Breakup

Cartoon: It's not you. It's your data.


Don’t Trust Gut Feel

Cartoon: It would appear, Hopkins, that your gut feel was only indigestion!


Big Data Boasts

Cartoon: I think you'll find that mine is bigger than yours!

What You Get If You Don’t Have Analytics. A HIPPO.

Cartoon: No Analytics? Welcome to the Hippo


Some Middle Managers Don’t Like Analytics


 There’s No Reward Without Risk

Cartoon: tracking performance without risk is... shortsighted

 One of The Ironies of Calculating the ROI for BI

Cartoon: I tried to build an ROI case for BI, but I couldn't access any data!


What’s the ROI of What You Don’t Know?

Cartoon: What's the ROI of knowing what you don't know? (I don't know, either)


Business Intelligence Wish Fulfilment

Cartoon: Press this button to save millions of dollars


It’s Not About How Big It Is

Cartoon: To be honest, I don't care how many yottabytes you have


What’s The ROI of Business Intelligence? Higher than the ROI of Ignorance.

Cartoon: What's the ROI of BI? It's higher than the ROI of ignorance




Data Quality? Cross Your Fingers And Hope…

Cartoon: Yes, you can absolutely trust those numbers


The Daily Life of a BI Incompetency Center

Cartoon: A BI Incompetency Center in action


Stop Confusing Me With Facts

Cartoon: I'm making a decision! Stop confusing me with facts!

 Making Strategic Decisions With Data

Cartoon: Yes, I have made a strategic decision -- to ignore the bad news


Automatic Business Intelligence

Cartoon: Our dashboards are so advanced, they automatically filter out bad news!


Don’t Be A Turkey When It Comes To Predictive Analytics

Cartoon: Turkey does predictive analytics just before thanksgiving


These Analytics Folks Think They Know Everything!

Cartoon: these analytics people think they know everything!


Is Everybody Else Doing It While You Just Watch?

Cartoon: Analytics: worried that everybody else is doing it while you just watch?


Have ERP? Thank Heavens for Analytics

analytics and ERP

Data lake? Bring it on!

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  1. Hello Timo, Your creations are very apt in today’s scenario. With your permission, would like to use few of them in my presentations.


  2. Hey there,
    fun stuff.
    We would like to use some of your cartoons for our hosted blog about running a startup as CTO in Stuttgart, Germany.

  3. Hello Timo,

    With your permission, I am using your cartoon as part of my presentation in ASQ Vancouver Conference (26 Sept 18).


  4. Hi Timo,

    I’d like to use some of your data-cartoons for my study. They’re right to the point. Thanks


  5. Hey Timo!
    Great cartoons!

    I’d like to use them on my social media feeds and on the Power BI user group, with your permission,

    Please let me know ASAP.


  6. Wow, your cartoons are so good! With your permission, I would like to use two of them in my presentation to address the challenges related to data processing. Many thanks for your excellent work!

  7. Hi, Great work and spot-on humour. Could I please use some of your amazing drawings for my Empathy workshop presentation which will be featured in my portfolio?

    Many thanks

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