SAP Innovation Tour in the Baltics

SAP Innovation Tour: Tallinn by Night

I’m in the Baltics this week (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia), presenting a business innovation keynote and a big data track session as part of the SAP Innovation Forum.

Yesterday’s sessions in Tallinn were fascinating, including:

  • Industry thought leader Peep Aavikso, on why smart companies need smart people
  • Janeck Gustavson of Eesti Energy talking about their use of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)
  • A very passionate talk from Olga Lustsik of Swedbank Estonia explaining the power of activity based costing, and how they have implemented SAP Profit and Cost Management (PCM)
  • An interactive whiteboarding session with SAP’s Santosh Takoor explaining how to align corporate strategy with systems of execution for best in class operations in finance (with SAP Enterprise Performance Management and lots of compelling customer examples)
  • SAP’s Dr. Jens Baumman on rapid deployment solutions for SAP ERP
  • SAP’s Eero Koskinen on the power of SAP HANA
  • And finally a GREAT demonstration of the latest SAP solutions and prototypes by the SAP Demo team

My keynote presentation was based on some of the material from a previous post: 2012, The Year Analytics Means Business

Today’s sessions are in Vilnius, Lithuania, including a fascinating presentation from Sarunas Chomentauskas, Co-founder of Metasite Business Solutions, on how they have used open-source Big Data technologies for their customers including customer churn, and machine learning techniques including how to explain the difference between a dog and a cat to a computer…




I’ll update this post over the course of the coming days. You can follow the tour on twitter using the #SAPInnovation hashtag.

Photo Mar 07, 7 00 09 AM

Dawn this morning over Vilnius, Lithuania