eBay Information on Demand

External data and benchmarketing is an essential part of BI 2.0. Business Objects today announced the launch of their new information on demand store, where customers can purchase information from organizations as diverse as the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the eBay marketplace. Will Business Objects be able to transform the information market the same way Apple transformed the mp3 market: through revolutionary ease of use and a centralized platform? (more…)

Oracle Buys Cartesis!

Market consolidation reaches absurd new heights! According to this DM Review article by David O’Connell of Nucleus Research, Oracle recently purchased Cartesis?! Despite the obvious data quality issue, the article does talk about some key BI truths (more… )

Who Really Wants Predictive Analytics?

The value of predictive analytics is obvious: who wants to “drive looking out of the rear view mirror”? But in practice, predictive analytics hasn’t been widely implemented. What might change in the future? (more…)

The Top 6 On-Demand BI Confusions

I’m a big believer in the future of on-demand BI. But a lot of the articles promoting on-demand BI don’t always separate fact from self-interested fiction. Here’s my attempt to redress the balance. (more…)

Business Objects Buys FUZZY! Data Quality

Yet another acquisition: Business Objects purchases FUZZY! Informatik, based near Stuttgart, Germany, terms not disclosed The important: A “challenger” in Gartner’s 2007 data quality magic quadrant Adds European address databases to Business Objects’ existing portfolio and improves European customer base/sales expertise/coverage Vertical solutions for Postal, Financial services, and Telco SOA-enabled, which should make integration easy The …

Cognos Buys Applix

Only minutes after I post an entry on the acceleration of consolidation in the BI market, I see that Cognos has purchased Applix. The interesting part is TM1, which uses memory-centric BI technology that has been around for as long as I can remember, but which didn’t really come into its own until 64-bit platforms …

BI Market Consolidation?

The BI market has been remarkably fragmented for a long time, but — following the trend of other technology markets — it seems that the spiral of increasing dominance of a handful of vendors has finally been unleashed.