SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPad is “Essential for Work”


PC World has published a list of the “Top 15 Essential iPad Apps for Work”, including SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPad:

If your company uses SAP to record business information, you need SAP Business Objects Explorer on your iPad. Instead of having to scroll through numerous sheets of numbers, you can view the data visually, or in nicely bundled data sets. The next time you visit a customer, whip out your iPad, and you can answer any off-the-cuff questions just by typing in a few keywords.

You can use it for FREE, by signing up for the free, basic account at and uploading your Excel data sets — check out this video demonstration of Explorer for the iPad in action.

Note also that application now also contains the prototype “Augmented Reality” functionality from the SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center.





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    It’s amazing to see the quality of applications that are emerging for the iPad already. Tablets are essentially cloud access devices, so the growth of interest in cloud computing comes at the perfect time for the iPad. This also means that apps can be deployed much more quickly, because most of the intelligence lives on the server. Here’s a little more detail on this perspective.